Four pints of Double Vodka + Rockstar later; the newest addition to "A Writer Under The Influence" is born; "Poetry That Wouldn't Pass a Breathalyzer". Truly written under the influence, and, at the time, a porthole into my inner workings.

Leap And.

Stand on the edge.

Feel the winds of constant change,

As they bite at you with fear you try to ignore.

Close your eyes.

Feel your body sway sardonically,

The ebb and flow of liberation.

Open your mind.

Widen the corridors of your thoughts,

Allowing heights to be raised and reached.

Inch forward.

It's okay, others do it.

I'll show you. The fall isn't that bad.

The closer you inch to the edge, the more appreciation you gain for it.

Lift a foot.

Like a flower,

Let yourself blow in the breeze.


I don't care what anyone says.

I'm gonna love this dream like no other.

Breath deep.

For it may be your last.

Take in what earth has on offer.

Open your heart.

Fall forward.

Leap and the net shall appear.

If the net fails you, like it has others, enjoy the fall; for it's something that not many feel.