My favorite band growing up (age 11-16) was The Tragically Hip. And although they still have a special place in my cold shriveled heart, when I entered my formative years in high school I was casually introduced to the music of Led Zeppelin. Now, don't misunderstand me, I had heard plenty of their songs before this, but, what I am referring to is a deep and profound sort of introduction. One that stuck.  Since, I have touted Zepp as the greatest band to ever walk the face of planet, or any other planet for that matter. 

John Bonham; potentially the world's most skilled percussionist (though Pert runs a very, very close second), Jimmy Page; one of music's more prolific and electrifying guitarists, John Paul Jones; an inspiring musical genuise and, not least, Robert Plant; the single most original and intense vocalists ever - make up what would come to be, and still is, my favorite band.

Without any further introduction, the following is an interview with Robert and John before they blew up in America and is simply magic. Witnessing greatness before the world deemed them to be great is such a privilege that, as much as I rag on it, has been afforded to us via YouTube.

writing under the influence,