Well, after a not-so-grueling rewrite on "Roll The Hard Six", we have a script that is much more complex, emotional and well written. Always a weakness of Campagna Brothers writing (and in all probability why we didn't include ANY female roles in "Six Reasons Why"), is the writing of female gender characters. They always seem, after the 1st draft at least, to end up with very little dimension and necessity. We use them merely to move the plot forward, which, admittedly, is a horrible literary and cinematic crutch, and, something we hope to have remedied on our latest love child.

Between that, hitting the 10,000 word mark on a concept novel/series of short stories/who-knows-what-the-hell-it-is, getting a poem into The New Yorker for review and a couple half decent blog posts earning me a "Blog Of The Day" award, it has definitely been a prolific few weeks. 

Hopefully I can maintain a certain degree of momentum and, with all luck, pull myself out of this horrible slough where the failure is almost palpable and the vodka bottles don't last long. 

I'll have a proper blog post up in a day or two... promise.

writing under the influence,