Free Spirits. Individual Thinkers. Trail Blazers. Cross Pollinators. Crazy Ass Rock Stars. Where have all these people gone? Why is society producing less of them now? Or, perhaps, why is society not letting them, if they are indeed around, voice their opinions?

If one of the more preeminent musicians or singers were to pull this in an interview in todays day in age, they'd be trashed talked all the way from Twitter to TMZ. But, at one point in time, it was accepted. People who seemed to function on some higher plain of thought and spirit were celebrated, not castrated. 

Am I wrong for yearning for these days gone by? Am I the only one who thinks things were more interesting and vibrant back then? Maybe I am way off kilter because I wasn't even born yet. In any event, Jim Morrison is one forward thinking, prophetic cool-ass poet, writer and rock star. Listen to his noteworthy thoughts on the performance and how one day it might be a single man on stage standing with a bunch of machines he can manipulate.

writing under the influence,