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JEFF CAMPAGNA - (born November, 1982, Toronto, Canada) is a professional screenwriter, film and music video director and online blogger. He has been in the entertainment industry for five years now, after an even longer stint as a classically trained chef. With hopes to soon publish a full length fiction work, “A Writer Under The Influence Volume #1” marked Jeff’s debut publication and will hopefully be the first of many annual volumes to come based on the award winning blog of the same name. His film credits include ‘Roll The Hard Six’, ‘Shark City’, ‘Six Reasons Why’, 'Boy Toy', 'A Concerto In The Dark' and ‘Roots of a Man’. Jeff is also cofounder of The Mississauga Independent Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. He lives happily, drinks excessively, reads far too much and writes far too little. He has not been clean shaven for over six years.