A fairly decent writer once inked "Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon 'em".  Any one of these three factors may have sufficed in 1601 when 'Twelfth Night' was assumably written, but now, it seems exceedingly likely that one needs not one of these traits, not two of these traits but all three simultaneously to achieve any level of success and/or immortalization. 

I have begun to analyze, perhaps to an unhealthy and virulent degree, my current ineffable feelings of failure, torturous self-doubt and paralyzing second guesses.  To analyze or not analyze? Either way my introspective nature is now running without governor. I have deduced, after much contemplation, that what one needs to usher their dreams into reality is a combination of, like Bill said, three things. 

One, a dreamer must possess great skill
Two, a dreamer must possess unshakable determination.
Three, a dreamer must be in league with a cosmic force they know nothing of.

I have come to terms with the fact, like many before me, that there are many, more determined and skilled artists out there who have never given up than ones who are successful, acclaimed and, furthermore, affluent.  So there are those who did all they could but were given nothing in return. Why? Because they were overlooked by this intangible cosmic lubricant that afforded others long and sustained careers. 

Any success I have had thus far has been but a shiny jewel set in rusted brass.  If anyone sees this cosmic force; tell them I am looking for them.

writing under the influence,