In a few short hours I will be boarding a plane bound for Scotland. I will spend a few short days in Edinburgh and even fewer in Glasgow.  I have never been to Scotland, which is also the birthplace of my Grandfather, but I am confident it will furnish many a great adventure and subsequent tale.  

After about a week of haggis, cobblestones, scotch, cathedrals and broken stones of destiny, I will end in Dublin, which I must say is what I look forward to most. I have been a few times before, but my previous visits in no way diminish my current excitement. Perhaps one of the most acclaimed literary epicenters on the planet, I am sure it's rich literary history and abundance of stout and absinthe will supply me with not only heaps of inspiration but plenty of 'Influence' to be under upon my return where I will hopefully channel Joyce and Wilde and create some works worth talking about, or at least blogging about.

And I even have a night booked in a medieval castle (pictured above; Clontarf Castle) which is no doubt haunted by more ghosts than it is occupied by visitors.

writing under the influence,