Probably, I was eleven, maybe twelve when I was first introduced to the music of Frank Zappa.  And make no mistake, it was a very rudimentary, tip-of-the-iceberg sort of relationship at that point. I heard "My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama" and thought... 'damn, that's cool'. (I am, in all probability, paraphrasing myself, at eleven, I either would have said 'darn' or 'shit')

On deck for my listening pleasure was "Valley Girl" followed by "Don't Eat That Yellow Snow".  And so it went, as I presume it did for most, in sort of a 'listen to these funny rock songs from the 70's' fashion. 'Who is this guy?' I'd ask. 'I dunno. Just some guy who named his kids funny names like Moon Unit' I'd be told. 

And so for the next half of my life I went on believing Mr. Zappa was a novelty rock musician from the hippie days of a more liberal and progressive economy. I am sure Zappa fans, then and now, had and have a much more detailed and accurate perspective on Zappa's career and contribution to modern music.

Pioneering the use of recording equipment still in use today, helping to bring experimental music to the forefront of commercial record sales with over 60 albums, writing Jazz, Rock, Electronic and Musique Concrete and becoming a renowned international orchestral composer are just a few of the jenga blocks which make up the prolific and wobbly life of Frank Zappa. Not to mention directing feature films and music videos... A man with unwavering commitment to not only his art and it's conceptual continuity, but the freedom of speech and absurdity of verbal censorship.

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