So my self-indulgent ranting has earned A Writer Under The Influence another Blog Award Nomination; this time from The BlogNet Awards for "Best Literary Blog". If you want me to win, you'll have to vote.

BlogNet Awards had this to say about A Writer Under The Influence:

"Jeff Campagna is a writer…a very good writer. He mainly writes screenplays, but has dabbled into poetry and, obviously, blogging. The BlogNet Awards team enjoyed his candor. While he seems to attribute most of his talent to vodka, he does admit that, like any true writer he NEEDS to write about everything, good or bad. He admits it more eloquently than that of course. This blog review doesn’t unearth any great mysteries or teach us to conquer the world. It just tells us about one writer’s life. It tells in a way you’ll want to read more."

Who knew there were so many organizations out there giving out Blogging Awards? 

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