on a firm seat I sit.

and with little faith or wit

i fall to the bottom of the pit.

life can be so pale,

vibrancy will fail.

on this roller coaster I speed

with little that I need

not even a seed

only a weed

far from any creed.

i am a round peg to the world's square hole.

and with every passing moment, passes my soul.

up for me is down.

no one can help, especially those who think they can...

never knowing which turn to take

never knowing which bridge to cross

never knowing which advice to heed

never knowing which alter to respect.

all my turns lead to nowhere

all my bridges lead to burning

all advice leads to doubt

all my alters make up myself

for myself does not exist.

this poem represents the degradation of my spirit.

my spirit bleeds. my mind fades. my art suffers.

i have no art. I taste the whip.

tired and weary, i could sleep through life's shit.

On a firm seat I sit.

written under the influence by

jeff campagna