Judgment Cometh To Ye
A Poem by Jeff Campagna

The eve of judgment cometh, men of men, women of women, all ye be judged in death as ye judged in life.

Two men sit astride in blue,
..One with a cane and one who,
Has a hat that rests atop,
..His homely face which cant' stop,
Spying the cane in the hand,
..Of the man who starts to stand.
In this room which little fits,
..One now stands and one still sits.

The man who stands reflects his past,
..And how long he hath come to last,
In a world where evil and good,
..Are by all men misunderstood.
A fortune made, A child lost,
..Both by his hand, but at what cost?
The same hand which now rests atop,
..His golden cane, his body's prop.

Ay! This man cared little for few,
..And thought he above all ado.
But those for which he did so care,
..He did so with a silence ere,
He could tell them he did so feel,
..Those emotions he did conceal.
For this man wasn't bad straight thru,
..But things good aren't all that accrue.

The hatted man now stands as well,
..And his modest past he dost tell,
With tear in eye and heavy heart,
..He claims to be a man apart.
Nary a fortune did he make,
..Nor a life did he ever take.
Though one life he did throw away,
..And let his own life go astray.

A friend or family he had not,
..But to love himself he forgot.
So idly through life he went
..With self lament, and did resent,
A God who didn't seem to care,
..Or listen to a poor man's prayer.
His life stood between right and wrong,
..To neither camp did he belong.

Like pillars of stone they stood,
..Pondering which of them would,
Be called through judgment's door,
..To see their life's final score.
Both men were in life not wise,
..And thought soon all their lies,
Would be buried in the fine,
..Sand that sprawls deserts of time.

Much to both the men's surprise,
..There was no God in the skies.
Just an office stark and plain,
..With a clerk who did explain;
That religion mattered not,
..And any God should be forgot.
But no man escapes the day,
..When those who judge have their say.

Two men stand before a judge,
..Both overcome by begrudge.
One whose life was up and down,
..One who wore a poor man's crown.
The first pleasure and strife knew,
..And failed not to throw askew.
The second knew depths and thrift,
..And did squander life's true gift.

This the judge did declare;
.."Both of you are now aware,
God is not the judge of you,
..But a board that does review,
In living what you did show,
..And in death where you must go.
Both of you can rest assured,
..The worst of it ye have endured."

written under the influence by
jeff campagna