"I Love U2 Brother"
An old diddy I wrote back while I was backpacking Europe when I was 20. My brother was, and still is, a huge U2 fan so I wrote this for him. If you know some U2 songs, you may even like this poem.

I have a Brother,
As he has one too.
I shouldn't complain,
But sometimes I still do.

Sometimes our fights,
Are more than I can bear.
We sew it up,
But you can still see the tear.

We are one yet,
So little's the same.
I'm running away,
And he's glad I came.

I seek refuge,
In my dark holes.
Where as my Brother,
Has soul sweet soul.

We've had our ups,
We've had our downs.
But when he calls,
I come around.

And sometimes I miss him,
I don't see him for days.
What I fail to realize is,
Brotherhood moves in mysterious ways.

All in all,
What I'm trying to say,
Is when you're around,
It's a beautiful day.

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