On a less serious note. It was a few months ago when I came across a trouvaille of sorts; I began watching Ricky Gervais stand-up, then I got a hold of both seasons of BBC's "Extras". After that I made it my goal to watch both seasons of the infamous "Office"(UK) as well.  With a recent hollywood role in "Ghost Town", Ricky has solidified himself as a real ocean-crossing superstar. (but I saw him first)

In the following videos, he showcases not only comedic brilliance but his tendency to not take himself to seriously, which is a trait I wholly admire in starts of his caliber.  As I ramp up to shoot an african-aid music video in sub-sahara Africa myself, I have taken a certain interest in other uncommon attempts at world issue.  There are plenty of people that 'take a piss' out of those who try to do their part to help less privileged and/or at risk nations. Of course, the only real solution to Africa's issues is not foreign aid; medicine, schools or toys, but, actually, wealth building via entrepreneurship and infrastructure training.  But, at risk of sounding cliche, every little bit helps.

You'll also catch a few cameos from a couple more 'other-side-of-the-roaders' putting in thier two pence.

writing under the influence,